Copenhagen – Wax Poetic


Marla Turner/ Vocals
Thor Madsen/ Guitars
Jochen Rueckert/ Drums
Jesse Murphy/ Bass
Ilhan Ersahin/ Keyboards

From the moment the first human prototype took up a blade of grass and blew on it causing it to vibrate in imitation of the mistral winds crossing the savannahs of East Africa, and another – slapping a thigh or perhaps a bone or a stone against another in spontaneous though deliberate counterpoint – to this very moment in which having placed this product in the appropriate machine you begin to give a listen as you read these notes, thousands upon thousands of years have passed. Culture-bearers borne along by floating logs and thrown up by Providence onto far-flung islands and lands, or captured in war or traded and conveyed to these locales have come and gone, leaving the exotic instruments they fashioned and their often keening song in their wakes as the passed.
Latest in this time-honored dissemination of modes of making music is Wax Poetic, a shifting configuration of personnel and instrumentation organized by saxophonist/keyboardist/composer Ilhan Ersahin with a mandate to present their music to far-flung lands while absorbing that encountered. In this one aspect of their present permutation, they are encountered on all of two-and-a-half continents; Europe by way of Copenhagen, Asia minor by way of Istanbul and South America by way of Brasil. Informed by trajectory, influenced by locale, it is by definition contemporary music with a global vision. In your hands is the result of thousands upon thousands of years of endeavor, uniting disparate lands and cultures with the language of music. Listen. Wax Poetic.

John Farris, NYC