Dia De Roda – Forro in the Dark / CD


“Forro in the Dark is driving a night of supercharged sweat and almost-sex.”
“One of New York’s best and lowest tech parties”.
“It’s the band’s playful abstraction of the style that makes it irresistible”

Forro in the Dark might be the Pied Piper of down- town New York pelvises. Give them half an ear, and your hips will take over and start rolling to their Brazilian roots rock.

They’re a little afro-beat, a little country western swing, a little dub, and all rock and roll, fueled by the insistent rhythm of forró.

True to their roots, they dig ever deeper into the sounds of northeastern Brazil, while also cannibal- izing other styles, drawing from all the influences available to them as artists traveling on global currents. Ultimately their music is all their own magic, spinning out spontaneous and loose, an in- toxicating invitation to have a beer and find some love in the dark. “Dia de Roda” showcases what’s im- portant to Forro in the Dark’s magic: laughs, good times, and, as always, the party.