Sciubba Diving – Nublu Orchestra

The Nublu Orchestra is assembled from the multifaceted range of musicians that call Nublu home. Band-members from Brazilian Girls, Wax Poetic, Kudu, Forro in the Dark, and Love Trio and regular Nublu guests Graham Haynes and Eddie Henderson all sit under the baton of Butch Morris, the inventor of Conduction®.

On this twelve inch, Morris builds a dense wall of sound around the vocals of Brazilian Girls singer Sabina Sciubba on Sciubba Diving and then jumps into the lush LES Gardens—a Nublu Orchestra track that is characteristically groovy yet experimental. The B side of this twelve inch is the real taker for dancefloor DJs with a killer remix from Claude VonStroke that utilizes choppy bits of Sciubba’s vocals and intertwines an off-kilter upright bass-line with electro timpani hits. Dope!